Over 8000 portions of cake sold in the garden
since August 2009.

Alex Reece said of Driftwood in her Coast Magazine feature in August 2017 "A coastal garden full of innovative planting and original artworks serving delicious tea and cake. Geoff’s baking is almost as big a draw as his inventive plantsmanship."

"It's not just the planting scheme that entices visitors to this Sussex plot - it's also the home-made tea and cakes!" So said Francine Raymond in the opening to her Sunday Telegraph feature on the garden in 2015.

A fellow journalist, Jean Vernon, said in July 2015 blog posted about her visit, "it is a welcoming plot, complete with numerous, but elegant little seating areas with tables and chairs where visitors are treated to Geoff's delicious tea and cakes. Book ahead and you might even be lucky to sample lunch, served on pretty vintage china, surrounded by his horticultural extravaganza."

The 2019 cakes on offer will be orange polenta cake, traditional Victoria sponge, coffee and walnut cake, blueberry bakewell and chocolate brownies. On the savoury front either courgette and cheese muffins or Ricotta and red pepper cheesecake served with leaves.

All are made at the house, and served on trays in the garden. You can choose to sit amongst the plants in the rear garden or sit in the landscaped beach garden at the front, weather permitting, with fabulous views of the sea. Small dogs on leads are allowed in the garden as well with water provided.

Over recent summers, the home made, cakes and savoury cup cakes sold at our open garden events have gone down well! Here are some images from last year to tempt your palate, along with pictures of the vintage china in which we serve our tea and coffee. Since 2009 we have sold over 8000 cups of tea and slices of cake.

All slices of cake are £2.50, tray bakes £1.50 and savoury cup cakes sold for £1.50,
& Tea & Coffee £2.00 with soft drinks at £2.00


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Enjoy tea and cakes on the beach garden.... with great views..... overlooking the sea........
Lots of seats in the back garden too..... by the pond..... or in the summer house....
or take tea on the back patio.... Lemon Drizzle cake and shortbread. Ricotta Cheesecake, leaves & dressing
served with crisp bread.
Red Pepper & Parmesan Savoury Muffins Coffee & walnut cake and chocolate cake! Vintage China
Orange & Polenta Cake. Served in style! Mixed Herb and Chick Pea savoury muffins
Vintage cups & saucers Selection of cakes set up for Coast magazine photo shoot Served on a tray in the garden.