In January 2018, I was astounded to discover that I had been nominated, by persons unknown, to the Lord Lieutenant's office in East Sussex, as someone worthy of attending a Royal Garden Party.

You can read all about my services to the community here.

You can read all about Royal Garden Parties by clicking here.

Great half page in the Argus newspaper on Saturday 9th June as well as feature online as too!

Below are some of the images taken on the 5th June, which turned out to be a beautiful day!

The 2 above left were taken as the Royal Party left the Palace lawn and spoke to us as they did. The one on the right is HRH talking to Mum after shaking her hand!

Geoff and his Mum, Barbara, on the Palace lawn.

Prince Charles approaches.

HRH talks to both Geoff and shakes Barbara's hand. He asked her if she is enjoying the day and is not too tired, to which Geoff responded it the pusher that gets tired!

The Duchess of Cornwall approaches and talks to both Geoff and Barbara. Chatting to Camilla they were asked where they were from and Geoff said Seaford, to which Camilla said how much she had enjoyed bathing on Seaford beach in her childhood as they lived in Newick.

Geoff and Barbara enjoy the afternoon tea!

A facebook friend suggested Geoff should make up a button-hole with flowers from the garden. Here you can see the finished product with "I am Macmillan" rose in the centre.

The refreshment tent stretched the whole length of the lawn.

Lovely delicate sandwiches and cakes.

At the end of the afternoon the Royals left, starting with the Princess Royal.

Followed by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall who both spoke to us again.

Next up was the Duke of Kent followed by the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, again we were very lucky as they too spike to us both. Princess Michael of Kent speaking to Mum in righthand image.

A view across the lake to the Palace and a shot of me on the lawn.

A shot of Mum and I towards the end of a wonderful afternoon.

On 17th April, I received the formal invitation from the Lord Chamberlain's office which is below.

It was all rather strange for me. I had apparently been sent a letter by the Lord Lieutenants's office back in December but it had never arrived. Fortunately for me, his office decided to double check by telephoning me. I confirmed I had not received it and the copy was e-mailed to me.

I decided to ask my Mother to accompany me and we have selected the 5th June as our preferred option. We should have this confirmed by the end of February. Our formal invitations should arrive by the end of April from The Lord Chamberlain's Office.

We're going to do it in style and are spending the night at The Rubens at the Palace after the garden party.

I believe my name to have been put forward in recognition of all the charity work I have been doing locally for the last 10 years. You can read more about these activities here.

Since 2009 I have raised almost 100,000 for local charities. The monies have been raised through the Macmillan Coastal Garden Trail, which I single-handedly plan and execute every Summer, grand raffles of generously donated artists' work during the annual Artwave Festival in my garden at Driftwood and proceeds from sales of tea and cakes in the garden, (over 7000 portions sold to date) along with the entrance charges for private visits to the garden.