Between October and December 2014 we had a weekly gardening slot on the local Brighton Tv Channel, Latest Tv. There were a couple of studio sessions and the remainder filmed in the garden. Full details and all the clips shot are below.

Latest Tv the new local channel for Brighton, Worthing and Hove. You can view the television channel live on air now by clicking the red image on the left.

As a result of the filming for the Macmillan Trail on 26th July, Andrew Bullock along with Simone Thorogood, invited me to be part of the Latest Homes Live show between October and December. Sadly, due to lack of sponsorship the show stopped in December 2014.

Below are the details of the film shoots in the garden and extracts from the TV show with most recent first!

Here are some stills with the crew following the wrap of the final show on 16th December!

And..... Here is a recorded clip via iPad from PC screen of the studio sessions as well!

The tenth segment on Latest Tv, making a Christmas wreath, was broadcast week commencing 17th December and can be seen below.

Below are some stills from the shoot along with a picture of Albert, peeking out of the window, watching proceedings.

This is the ninth segment on Latest Tv. Simone, Andrew and I visit a Christmas Tree Farm to cut down a tree and return to Driftwood to make decorations for the birds over Christmas. It was broadcast week commencing 10th December.

Below are some stills from the TV shoot on the 4th December. Footage filmed on the day to be shown once aired nearer to Christmas. Andrew and Simone making wreaths below, with the three of us having just chopped down the Christmas tree, courtesy of Phil Gander at Sussex Trees.

We even met Rudolph the reindeer too! On returning to Driftwood, Andrew and Simone were shown how to make outdoor decorations for the birds to decorate the tree donated by Sussex Trees. On the left a picture of us all including crew, Ben Carney and Anthony Carpendale after filming, minus Cole Britz who took the picture!

This segment was filmed but not broadcast and was on the rusted metal work around the garden. It was loaded to You Tube and can be seen here.

This is the eighth segment with Simone and Andrew moving the Agaves from the front garden and was broadcast week commencing 26th November.

Below are 3 stills from the film shoot.

This seventh segment was on preparing succulents for the winter months and was broadcast week commencing 19th November.

Below are 3 stills images from the clip.

Andrew and Simone wrote about their first 10 shows in the can on 18th November in Latest Homes Magazine, including a couple of photos from the film shoots at Driftwood.

This sixth segment was on preparing geraniums and fuchsias for storing through the winter and was broadcast week commencing 12th November.

Some stills from the session are shown below.

This fifth segment was on planting tulips and was broadcast week commencing 5th November.

We had a great days filming in the garden on the 30th October and the weather was gorgeous! We filmed 7 gardening segments for the show up to Christmas!

The days filming in the garden on the 3rd October made a whole page in Seaford Herald on the 10th October and a full page written by Andrew and Simone in Latest Homes Magazine on the 21st October.

This is a short clip, shown as the fourth gardening segment on Latest Tv between 29th October and 4th November. I demonstrate how to fleece more delicate plants for the winter.

This is the third gardening segment shown on air between 22nd and 28th October. Simone and Andrew are shown how to propagate fuchsias.

This is the second gardening segment shown on air between 15th and 21st October. Simone and Andrew are shown how to create a chair planter.

After seeing the film I wrote to the editor again saying "Wow! This is really great Ant, fabulously edited again! Really pleased with the finished product! Thank you so much." and his response "Glad you like it, Geoff! A pleasure to edit that stuff, and you're a great host. Hope I can come along and film more soon..."

This is the first gardening segment broadcast in the show between 8th and 14th October 2014 about fern propagation. After seeing it, I praised the editor, Ant Carpendale, who replied "Glad you like it, Geoff. :) Really enjoyed shooting that day, it's an amazing garden. There'll be several more of these in the coming weeks... "
Simone Thorogood said after offering up dates for next shoot, "Great Geoff will chat to Andrew when next back in office which is Monday and get a date in diary asap! Looking forward to it! The filming came out so well and you are a natural on camera! "Simone xx

After filming on the 3rd October, Simone tweeted below and put on facebook "Getting muddy and green fingered with the lovely Geoff Stonebanks to film our new weekly gardening feature! He was so welcoming, a great teacher and made us loads of cups of coffee!! Thanks."

This began with a studio appearance, see below, when the trail video was shown in early September! Then, on the 3rd October, a film crew arrived in the garden to shoot a number of practical gardening clips to be shown on forthcoming shows! Here you can us with Ant and William behind the cameras!

You can see me demonstrating how to propagate ferns as the first task with Andrew and Simone trying their hand above and with the finished products on the right!

The next task was to take fuchsia cuttings and pot them up which they both tried their hands at too!

The final task was to plant up a reclaimed chair and create a planter that can be used on a balcony, patio or in the garden! Here you see them hard at it and with the finished examples!

Following the shooting of the Macmillan video, (details further down) I joined Andrew Bullock and Simone Thorogood in the studio to talk about the trail and my involvement with Macmillan Cancer Support and the new centre in Brighton! You can see the clip of the show below.

Latest 7 Magazine printed the double page article about the trail on the 23rd September.

Latest 7 Magazine supported the Macmillan Garden Trail in 2014 and arranged for Latest TV to make a video about the trail. Producer and presenter, Andrew Bullock came to the garden with a cameraman and filmed the opening of the trail.

Sarah Coxhill, Macmillan's Fundraising Manager for Sussex was on hand too! The final video from the day was aired on the new channel on the Latest Homes Live programme throughout the week commencing 15th September. I was invited in to the studio with hosts Andrew and Simone Thorogood to talk about the trail.