On 6th October 2017, the Argus printed a whole page feature about my nomination for the Community Stars Awards, taking place on 21st January 2018, see article at base of page.

I and 7 guests were invited to attend the awards ceremony at The Dome in Brighton on the 21st January. We arrived early and had a drink. The awards took place in the main theatre and were hosted by Fred Dinenage. There were 3 finalists for Community Star of the Year but regret I did not win. Nonetheless a great event and so many amazing individuals and groups.

Below our group sat in lounge before the ceremony at the Dome.

Below the slide announcing the finalist names!

The Dome Lounge beforehand. Let the awards begin. Community Star of the Year section.

On 15th January, the ticket arrived for the event on the 21st. On the right presenter Fred Dinenage.

On 6th December I was contacted and told that the panel of judges, chaired by Argus group editor Andy Parkes, had reviewed the nominations and come up with a shortlist of 3 finalists. I was told I was one of them! I and 7 guests are now invited to the awards ceremony at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall where the winners will be announced. I am a finalist in the Community Star of the Year Award.

On 22nd December I received an invitation from The Argus, courtesy of their main sponsor, to take a flight on the fantastic i360 on Friday 5 January at 4.30pm.
Below is the feature in The Argus on Monday 8th January, with me in the centre of the group photo.

I joined the Argus team and other nominees for the flight! It was a great afternoon!

Brighton's British Airways i360 The capsule On board!
On board bar area. View to the pier. Selfie!
Take off. View to the pier. View to Hove.

The feature in the Argus on 6th October 2017.

This was the citation that went with the nomination:
Since first opening his garden, Driftwood, back in 2009, he has single-handedly raised a staggering 95000 for charity, the bulk of it since 2012, when he first set up and chaired the Driftwood Fundraising Group, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support’s Horizon Centre in Brighton. 13148 has been raised for Macmillan in 2017 alone, along with a further 5327 for other charities, a record breaking 18475 in one year alone. Sarah Coxhill, Senior Fundraising Manager for Macmillan said on hearing of the amount raised, Geoff, I couldn't miss the opportunity to say huge congratulations, on what is already set to be a record year. The coverage alone is priceless. Thanks so much for the tireless work and commitment you show year on year, it's such a good example to the local and even national community!

This coupled, with the fact he bakes all his own cakes sold at the garden openings, 7000 portions since 2009 and 1000 in 2017 alone, all proceeds from which go to charity, make him a very worthy candidate in my eyes, and in those of the many volunteers who support him, me included, when the garden is open. His tireless work for Macmillan and the Mayor of Seaford in conceiving, planning and managing 2 garden trails that have raised 48200 since 2012 plus his other charity fundraising must be acknowledged this season!