Blogs written for T&M

I have written a number of blog posts for Thompson & Morgan which you can read here by clicking the links below.

Redesign .

Garden redesign .

Gardening in lockdown.

Gardening is an art form.

Top 5 from 2018.

Happy New Year.

Trial plants in 2017.

An interesting Winter garden.

Looking forward to 2017

Trio of triumphs in 2016

New plant trials for 2016.

Winter Storms.

10 years in my garden.

Putting a coastal garden to bed for the Winter.

Driftwood's 2015 successes.

Blog on last 2 years' trial plants.

Fuchsias and my relationship with them.

Driftwood and T&M trial plants through the summer of 2014.

A review of plants doing well in the garden.

Thriving at Driftwood.

2013 successes at Driftwood.

Big Begonia Revival sucesses at Driftwood.

A busy summer at Driftwood

Initial involvement with Trials Programme.

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